KING’s Quest – Day XXI

Tuesday, May 23rd.

Here are some raw notes from my phone notepad… that probably require a translation. I didn’t make the transition to the new split since I missed shoulders the day before this, but this ended up being an absolutely phenomenal training session. I need more of these. I pushed myself and broke a heavy sweat. I also need to integrate resistance training into my everyday life.



20/10×3 @ 8/10e incline push leg raise
15x16x3… Anterior raise lateral lower
St Arnold 20×20, 30×16, 40×10, 50×6
Dbell shrugs 60×20, 80×16, 100×12, 120×10
Circus press (top only) 60x5e, 80x4e (lower back), 100x3e (second hand assist…)
PL shrug (death by drop set) 10p-2 each time… 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 3 finger 10, 2 finger 10
Seat low, close grip, iso plate press drop set 10-2p 3-4-7-9-11 ah setting
(Face sweat!)
Rope face pull 100×15, 190x3x6 going down!
+20 lb muscle up singles, 1 1 1 1

Missed jump rope, planks, twists, neck work, band work lateral”


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