KING’s Quest – Day XX

Monday, May 22nd.

Instead of going about this the same way I typically do… telling you about my work day, going on about everything else taking time away from achieving my goals, quickly mentioning how I eat, and then giving you some inconsistent delivery about my workout… I’m approaching this differently.

Yes, I trained arms… for about 40 minutes before warming down and stretching in the hot tub for who knows how long. Yes, I lifted weights and performed body weight exercises, but now I’m thinking of redoing the whole structure of this workout plan based in Mizuchido.

I’ve set the elements for the days of the weeks based on their standing. I’ve told you what those days are throughout this journey already. But, it’s not working and I’ve failed to integrate intensity and my athleticism into the training sessions as a result of relying on more bodybuilding based exercises.

IMG_4448 (1)

What it was before:

Wood – Biceps & Triceps

Fire – Shoulders & Boxing

Earth – Legs

Metal – Chest & Back

Water – Swimming

Air – Sports

Aether – Powerlifting

I need to do more cardio, and I hate saying that… I hate saying it like that. I need to keep my heart rate up and get back in shape. I need to increase lean muscle mass and decrease my body fat percentage. I need to be able to run or swim for an hour without having to stop. I need to show signs of what I used to be capable of. My body might be destroyed, but this is a matter of mind over body.

My new split I’ll try to transition into is:

Wood – Arms & Shoulders

Fire – Combat & Abs

Earth – Lower Body

Metal – Combat & Abs

Water – Swimming & Weightlifting

Air – Sports & Running

Aether – Powerlifting

Let’s see how this goes…

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