KING’s Quest – Day XIX

Sunday, May 21st. The work schedule has been somewhat consistent lately, in that I have “off of work” on Wednesdays and Sundays. You all must understand by now that the “40-hour work week” and “9-5 jobs” are not necessarily the same they were years ago, and most jobs require a 24/7/365 expectation.

This was absolutely the case today as we brought in 6 cats to foster until they are ready for adoption, but it’s a very rewarding experience. It’s also very physically and mentally taxing depending on your situation. The caloric expenditure today was astronomical as the following workouts were performed.

  1. Taking care of 6 cats, in addition to our pets, including our regular dog walk
  2. Squat, Deadlift, and Straight Leg Deadlift 55 min session at the Santa Monica YMCA
  3. Gardening/Landscaping work including shoveling a ton of dirt/soil
  4. Walking to the beach, laying in the sun, and swimming in the ocean

Add the regular chores including dishes, litter, and cleaning the house and there were a lot of calories burned. Luckily, there were also a lot of calories (in the form of white bread) consumed as well.

As for the training session… this is the 4th straight deadlift/squat session where I tried different footwear. I used my CrossFit Reebok shoes and the results were not great. I hit a single squat at 315 after a poor warmup and worked up to a relatively quick 385 sumo deadlift before hitting the 100 lb dbells for straight legs.

We might not have made a lot of progress on our personal (business) goals on this day off, but it was a great day and a strong end to the week.IMG_4426

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