KING’s Quest – Day XVIII

Saturday, May 20th. My second day that I’d consider a “miss” throughout this journey because… I didn’t train. Now, please understand that training is not necessary every day depending on your goals, but it is for me. There are no real “rest days” because it is a lifestyle approach.

While you don’t need to train the same way every day, you need to embody your practice and technique. This marks the second straight Saturday that I did not train and it’s simply because I haven’t figured out how to integrate a proper training session into Saturday’s work schedule and the hours of operation of the facilities that I can access.

When we realized that it was too late to go to the gym, we decided to head over to Little Fatty for a meal that we’ve been waiting for over the course of the last month. We left as Little Fatties after the meal, which included this fried whole fish.

Air is the element of Saturday, but the only aspect of this day was working and eating… and one other thing you’ll find about tomorrow. I guess you can say that I took work home in a major way.

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