KING’s Quest – Day XVII

Friday, May 19th… which my calendar tells me is Endangered Species Day and a Last Quarter Moon… good to know. An early work day, starting at 8 am that dragged into 7 pm because I had a special delivery to make for work. A good amount of sitting in traffic and a relatively unproductive day with very little time at home, or in the gym.

A quick swim, quicker hot tub, and even quicker dry sauna session to embody the element of water. The Santa Monica YMCA requires caps when swimming, even for someone with hair as short as mine. I never swam with a cap, other than huge meets, and it really impacts my training.

I cut it short after swimming just about 1/4 mile, although I suppose I could have, and should have, done more kick sets.

I ate well today, with a beautiful plate of Middle Eastern food for a late lunch and dinner at home, which was leftovers and a massive salad. It was my last portion of the BBQ Brisket I made. I’ll be posting that recipe on the Hungry & Fit blog. Working Saturday, and I’ll try to catch up on business Sunday, but also try to have some time to rest and relax, which is not really something I do in my life.IMG_4372

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