KING’s Quest – Day XVI

Thursday. May 18th. Metal. Steel. You wouldn’t think this, but it was a day focused on balance. Eating healthy and eating… not so healthy. Lifting heavy and lifting light. Using weights and using body weight.

It was a rather normal weekday workday. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. No fun stories, really. No leaps and bounds made towards goals for the month or year. Just a wake up, work, workout, and sleep day. Not the most exciting.

I haven’t really done this yet, but I used to record all of my workouts in my phone. I think this started back when I had my Blackberry in college. Well, I did it last night, so if you can decipher it, I’m just going to leave the entry below.

– 50…
40×20, 55×15, 70×12, 85×10
72.5×15, stack x15, stack +35×15, x13
95×15 135×12 185×4… 185×2 dammit if we came a little earlier… 185×1
60×10/10, 105×5/10, 105×5/10 clap, 105×5/8 clap
Band 10×10, 60×10, 110×8, 160×1 total speed!!! 110×5…
135×10, 185×8, 185×5 over… 185×5
847- whatever pull-ups!!’
215 meters in 20 pulls

It was a back and chest workout in a gym where I really don’t like doing this training session. I’m in a routine for the most part, but I think I need to start going somewhere other than the Westchester YMCA for this workout.



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