KING’s Quest – Day XIII

Back on track from the day before and back to work. I typically don’t have two days off in a row with this job; instead, I have one day off every three days or so. The work day was very busy, but was only 9.5 hours (and we don’t take breaks) so it was manageable with the schedule.

My morning training session was a wood based workout, where I often focus on my arms. You can think of them as branches, but that’s not entirely why it’s a wood day.

As a result, I would superset a triceps weight-based exercise with a biceps body-weight exercise. Then I would do the opposite. Towards the end I added some core work, which has been more than seriously lacking the last two weeks.

There were many chin ups, dips, close grip push ups, and inverted rows. I don’t remember all the exercises, but the idea was to really keep the pace up and take little rest. We didn’t go too heavy, but it was an adequate training session.

And, as you can see, I ate rather healthy meals.


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