KING’s Quest – Day XII

After those three brutal days of work, we found ourselves with some time for rest… but we still pack as much as possible into a day. We actually slept over at our in-law’s house, so after waking up, I went home to feed the cats and head to the gym. We had breakfast plans for 9 am, so my training session was less than an hour.

These photos are not from this session, but it is the same facility. I simply squatted and deadlifted. That is all. Squats were better than Wednesday, with less knee pain and moving up to 355 for a cleaner single. Deadlifts were far worse as I didn’t find my groove in time. I pulled 365 slower than 405 the week before, and failed at 385. I wasn’t hinging properly, but such is life. Isn’t something better than nothing?

I ate a fair share this day, but nothing too unhealthy. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time for business, but it was definitely overall an improvement from the past three days. Worse than Wednesday, better than Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We do what we can.

Now, we’re looking at a clock that reads 9:15 am Monday morning. I’ll head to the gym because I’m scheduled to work 11:30/12:30-8:30/9:30, but remember… I was warned that I’ll have an insane amount of work to do today. If you know me, you know that as long as I don’t have someone come waste my time, I can get anything done in time.


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