KING’s Quest – Day XI

With Mother’s Day, a One Year Wedding Anniversary, and “my day off” coming up the following day, I could’ve used a nice day. I woke up at 5:30 am to continue the work at home from the night before.

We were planning on doing our normal workout at the park together… which usually means playing soccer, or rather, doing drills and sprints. It’s one of my favorite workouts because of the mobility you develop in your lower body, the conditioning you create through nonstop movement, and the feeling of running really fast through the wind with cleats on. I had to skip the workout that morning and ended up not training at all that day… for the first time since the quest began. Not happy about that.

I ended up working until about 7 pm or so, and had to once again bring work home, with about an hour of work at home and the warning that there would be a ton of work waiting when I came back Monday. It’s nice to be treated well, but it’s also great to be treated poorly because that’s what creates the most capable being. You can really tell how a person has been treated based on how they treat others, but you need to know what to look for… the power to perceive is far more complicated than people think.

At least this issue of OPM came out and really struck a chord with me that day.


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