KING’s Quest – Day X

Anything that good that came from the day before was hard to find today. The clean(er) eating that occurred the day before was no where to be found today. Again, I could credit this to a last minute change in work schedule, but it doesn’t really get me anywhere.

I was planning on going in around noon and staying until 9 pm. I don’t like to bring work home, but I found out that I had to go in early, so my swim was cut short halfway into it. Not only that, but I also ended up taking 5 or so minutes in the pool to give someone advice about swimming and losing weight in general.

He stopped me and said… “Don’t I know you from the UFC?” You’d be surprised, but I get that A LOT. I got it from another guy at this gym, out of the water, just a few days before. I don’t mind, but I value my time, especially when it’s being cut short.

I ended up spending 10 minutes in the hot tub trying to stretch out my hip region and then put in around 300 yards in the pool. A lot of IM work and sprints. I would’ve liked to put in more work with kicking and breath holds, but I had to leave.

I ended up going into work at 11, getting out at 930, and then working at home until about 11. And you can see what I ate.



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