KING’s Quest – Day IX

Thursday, May 11th was the ninth day of the journey, and I am writing this (and the entries for the following three days on the morning of Monday, May 15th. Why? Because everything started to fall apart on Thursday. Why? Because of work.

A work-life balance is extremely challenging for most adults in the US, especially those with families, ambition, or living in expensive areas… such as LA. Thursday was a 12 hour work day. After getting out of work at 830, when I planned on getting out at 530, I had to rush to the gym without preparation to fit in my metal workout.

By now, I can’t even tell you much about the workout other than the fact that it was definitely less than an hour, didn’t include any cardio or recovery, and focused on my back, chest & core… a bit.

The gym was packed, so less equipment was available. Therefore, I relied on using barbells, dumbbells, and body weight exercises. This was the start to a few bad days, but judging by these pictures, at least I ate relatively healthy.


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