KING’s Quest – Day VIII

What a day. Wednesday is typically my day off work… or at least off of my full-time job where I usually put in about 5 10-12 hour days a week.

Besides being super productive cleaning the house, bringing the car to the mechanic, and developing a BBQ brisket recipe for the food blog, I turned around a bad situation, where I was going to be late for the gym, and had a great training session.

What did I do? Simple.

  1. Squat
  2. Deadlift
  3. Hot tub

That’s really it. I worked up to 295×3, 315×1, 335×1, and even 350×1. I used my new knee sleeves and belt from Strength Shop. As for deadlifts, I went barefoot and used a sumo stance to work up to 405×1 with my belt and a mixed grip.

I was thrilled and that puts my current gym total to a modest 1010. It might only be a fraction of what I used to do, but I haven’t cleanly moved that kind of weight in years. Even though there was some pain before, during, and after… it was all worth it and now I need to make sure that I work off these weights in all my sessions.

Earth Day complete. Metal tomorrow.

Oh, and as for my eating, it was cleaner but I try to take in more calories on Earth Day because it’s really about creating a strong foundation, or roots, to the ground. Therefore, we focus on legs.

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