KING’s Quest – Day VII

The last day of the first week of the quest. Tuesday, May 9th brought a full recovery from the issues that were present the day before. Intensity was the only thing that you’d find in the training session and the eating was much cleaner than past days.

I started the day with a fast, which obviously helps you consume less calories. I eventually ate tuna with white rice, and some lighter Vietnamese fare for dinner. Other than that, I had my normal supplements.

As for the training session, I focused on shoulders before hitting the bag. Everything was four supersets, which means two exercises back to back. Usually I tried to do a push/pull while focusing on shoulder mobility and strength.

The exercises included:

  • Incline Push Ups & Standing Arnold Press
  • Seated Overhead Fly & Seated Rear Delt Fly
  • Seated Shoulder Press & Standing Dumbbell Shrug
  • EZ Bar Javelin Press & Upright Row
  • Plate Loaded Standing Shrug & Muscle Ups
  • Anterior Dumbbell Raise & Circus Press

After that I really lost it and set into the zone when I wrapped my hands and hit the bags with my gloves. It started with boxing work and then I moved into some elbows. It was exactly what I need every training session… it was my version of finding the mind-muscle connection.

Hopefully we can carry that intensity into a big training session today. Oh, and the element was of course… fire. Fire represents destructive power and some would argue that nothing is more destructive than precise strikes.

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