KING’s Quest – Day XIV

Tuesday, May 16th. Officially halfway through the month that will put us in the last month of the first half of the year. It’s also right around halfway into the time that we usually try to save money. September through January are expensive months for us, but starting in February we pay off credit cards and other bills. Hopefully, by May, money can start going into savings. A lot going on and a lot to think about.

Shoulder workout followed by some work on the bag because it’s fire day. Super sets every exercise to keep the heart rate up. About 4 super sets every set and the weight listed is what I worked up to.

Anterior raise/lateral raise (20 lbs)

Arnold Press/Dumbbell Shrug (40 lbs and 120 lbs)

Plate Loaded Shrug/Muscle Up (10 plates and 3 reps)

Circus Press (100 lbs)

Horse Rope Face Pulls (Stack)

Iso Lateral Plate Loaded Chest Press (5 plates a side)

And then we finished it up by wrapping hands and hitting the bag relatively hard for about 15 minutes.

My brain is all over the place right now, but I sent myself this picture of In N Out and remembered that we had a long day and all Alana wanted was to go here. It was a nice late meal.



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