Bruce Tea Giveaway!

When Bruce Lee passed away, we always wondered what would continue his legacy. It became a question of who would continue his legacy. Fortunately for all of his, his greatness continued past the end of his physical life because of the amazing work he performed. Bruce Lee was a revolutionary in modernizing the integration of Martial Arts and every day life.

Shannon Lee has been the individual that has carried the torch and while she might not start in movies like her father, her impact in the community is significant and organic. At a recent event in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team from Bruce Tea. I walked away with some amazing tea, comics, hats, and shirts. Everything was of the highest quality, which is exactly what you expect from this family.

Keeping his movies locked in my closet for others not to enjoy would be the same as if Bruce kept Jeet Kune Do to himself. He didn’t, so I decided to do a giveaway for one of the amazing Bruce Tea hats and our winner was an inspiring gymnastics instructor that dealt with career ending injuries to continue to spread her passion and knowledge to others.

Her dedication to her craft mirrored what Bruce did throughout his life, always giving and building a better world. As you all will learn to know Mizuchido is a creation that took my life long adventure and formed it into my own lifestyle based martial art that I live, eat, and breathe every day.

If it wasn’t for Bruce Lee and my studies of Jeet Kune Do, Mizuchido would not exist. Please check out the Bruce Tea product line, both beverages and apparel, and theĀ comics that tell a fun and fantastic story. Most importantly, share your greatest influences below!

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