How to Find Balance and Success

Far too often, we find ourselves trying to move away from nature. We buy memberships at expensive gyms that seem more like hotels because we want it to smell fresh, look neat, and feel clean. Instead of trying to hear the iron move through the air, we’ll put in headphones and listen to music while we exercise. That music is often created with software and artificial sounds, rather than brass and wood based instruments.

The secret to success often can be found by creating a connection with everything that naturally surrounds you. Hard work, focus, determination, and intensity are all key words that relate to a concept which is reflective of your ability to find success. If you want to lose weight, you need determination. If you want to increase your level of performance, you need intensity.

What you don’t need to find all of those measures of effort is anything fancy. Technology in the form of programs and apps can certainly help, but the key lies within your own personal effort. If the effort doesn’t exist, the likelihood of being successful decreases significantly. Talent and good fortune can only take you so far and in the end you need to be accountable in your own life.

But there always must be balance in our lives and we cannot entirely avoid the presence of a developing and changing society within our world. Where does that leave us? At a point where we must fuse different elements and it is through an easily accessible and enjoyable activity such as hiking that we can find time to strengthen our bond with the natural world.

Whether it’s a trip focused on hiking, a morning trip to a local piece of nature, or something entirely different, get out there and hike. When you do so, connect with what is around you. Avoid your phone, keep your earbuds at home, and become immersed in the world around you. This can be a great way to find balance and discover great success within yourself.

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