KING’s Quest – Day V

Sunday is always embodied by void, or the aether. It is the last day of the week and aether represents the strongest entity in Mizuchido. It is nothing, but everything at the same time.

For that, my workout consisted of going what is extremely heavy for what I have been lifting lately and going into a mental state of emptiness.

I lost track of the duration of the training session, but only performed three exercise.

Squat – I did these with knee sleeves and a belt. I did what felt right in terms of rep ranges and weight, working up to 335 for a better rep than I did at 315 and 325. It was low and fast, and I definitely had more left.

Deadlift – I took my shoes off, removed my knee sleeves, added some elbow support, and pulled conventional with a somewhat narrow stance. I applied the same training mentality, working up to a fast pull at 385 and a quick fail at 405. The right lower back gave in, so the core (hips, hamstrings, lower back, etc.) pertaining to that area needs to be developed.

Bench Press – Flat, with only the elbow sleeves on… same style. Worked up to a single rep at 265 with a handoff from my better half. Not enough time to warm up the upper body, but successful, nonetheless.

Unfortunately, I had another day with somewhat poor eating, but I usually clean up my act throughout the week. I was feeling lean Monday through Thursday, but now feel a little less that way, so we’ll work on that.

The week begins tomorrow and now I will try to release these (after this double release) the night of, rather than the morning after.


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