KING’s Quest – Day IV

Saturday March 6th included a long work day, although it wasn’t quite as long as the day before. Since we were going to a LA Galaxy soccer match at night, we decided to put in an early morning workout and since time was an issue, we ourselves played soccer.

It was about 35 minutes long and included a lot of movement. My ankles were in extreme pain after, mainly due to my lack of mobility in all of my joints… particularly my hips and ankles that day.

It was highlighted by three long sprints with cleats on grass, where I felt some of my old speed. I just couldn’t maintain it for very long, which was disappointing, but expected. ┬áThe workout was short, but something I need to do more often… like swimming, at least once a week.

The element represented today was air.

The major issue on this day was the fact that I ate poorly for a second day in a row. I need to get body fat, and overall mass potentially, down quickly and poor eating will make that nearly impossible.

It seems like we’re finding some balance, though.


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