KING’s Quest – Day XXVIII.V

Tuesday, May 30th.




Only it wasn’t.

The day really wasn’t that bad. There’s a certain feeling of nothingness that exists when you’re running on adrenaline for a whole day. The hustle creates something truly special.

And after everything… accomplishing oh so much in such a short amount of time… I made it into a not-so-great gym to sneak in an hour long training session.

It was beyond painful, but rewarding nonetheless. The pain in my right hip and right elbow were more than concerning. They were indicative of serious injuries that will need attention beyond myself.

It was a full body wood workout to get rid of the stiffness from not training for a few days, although the stiffness was far worse than expected. My approach was to start with cardio on the Arc, superset dips/chins, pushup/pullup, biceps/triceps, shoulder push/pull, chest/back, forearm reverse/curl, lower back/abs and then the hot tub.

The elbow was in serious pain throughout the workout, while the hip cramped up from the outside and was in pain on the inside, while in the hot tub.

It’s never over…


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